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12 Curses of the Dark Zodiac (New Book)

A Horror Story Anthology by Keith G Sorrell.
“Do your dreams feel heavier lately?
The figures lurking at their edges… are they merely shadows, or is the veil growing thin? Nyx Umbra, the Voidwalker, knows the answer, and it’s a horror more profound than any waking fear.” Read on… if you dare

dark horoscope for aries

Dark Horoscope for Aries: July

This month, Aries, your fiery spirit is ignited by the malevolent forces lurking in the shadows. July is a time when the universe unveils its darkest secrets, and you may find yourself drawn to the macabre and the mysterious.

Pisces - Lost at Sea Under a Foggy Neptune". The scene captures the serene yet mysterious atmosphere you, featuring an ethereal oceanic landscape shrouded in fog, with a shadowy figure resembling Pisces partially visible.

Lost at Sea Under a Foggy Neptune (Pisces)

Greetings, dreamy Pisces! I, your astrological navigator of the ethereal realms, peer into the celestial ocean this June and find a thick fog obscuring your normally intuitive path. For you, children of the fish, the coming weeks are shrouded in the hazy influence of Neptune, your ruler, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy.

Aquarius - The Rebellious Spirit Tested Under a Restrictive Sky". The scene captures the compelling and futuristic atmosphere, featuring a rebel Aquarius breaking free from symbolic chains under a dark, oppressive sky.

Under a Restrictive Sky (Aquarius)

Greetings, unconventional Aquarians! – I, your astrological conductor of the bizarre, peer into the celestial orchestra this June and find a discordant note disrupting your normally harmonious rebellion. For you, children of the water bearer, the coming weeks are dominated by a restrictive celestial influence, threatening to clip your wings and stifle your revolutionary spirit.

Capricorn - Dreams Clouded Under a Fickle Moon". The scene captures the somber and atmospheric setting, featuring a mountain goat under a changeable, cloud-covered moon, embodying Capricorn's challenge of navigating uncertainty.

Dreams Clouded Under a Fickle Moon (Capricorn)

Greetings, ambitious Capricorns! I, your astrological herald of unsettling truths, peer into the celestial boardroom this June and find a storm brewing over your normally clear-headed domain. For you, children of the mountain goat, the coming weeks are shrouded in the capricious glow of a fickle moon, threatening to cloud your ambitions and disrupt your meticulously crafted plans.