12 Curses of the Dark Zodiac (New Book)

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A Horror Story Anthology by Keith G Sorrell

Excerpt from Chapter 12 in “12 Curses of the Dark Zodiac is PISCES: Curse of the Voidwalker:-

“Do your dreams feel heavier lately?
The figures lurking at their edges… are they merely shadows, or is the veil growing thin? Nyx Umbra, the Voidwalker, knows the answer, and it’s a horror more profound than any waking fear.”

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12 Curses of the Dark Zodiac – Available on Amazon in Hardback, Paperback or Kindle (Click this link to go to my Amazon page)

This book unveils a chilling anthology where the celestial influences of the zodiac take on a malevolent twist. In these pages, each sign heralds its own unique horrors, casting shadows far darker than mere misfortune.

Readers are invited to explore the sinister aspects of their astrological signs through 12 unnerving tales that weave together cosmic destiny with the macabre.

From the vengeful spirits of Aquarius to the lurking beasts of Aries, this collection reveals the darkest depths of the zodiac in a way that horror fans will find impossible to put down.

Perfect for horror aficionados and astrology enthusiasts alike, 12 Curses of the Dark Zodiac invites you to explore the sinister side of the stars. Will you dare to uncover the cursed fates that might just be written in the stars?

Prepare to be enthralled and terrified as you discover the cursed fates that might just be written in the stars.

12 curses of the Dark Zodiac cover pic

Keith G Sorrell is a dedicated horror enthusiast and curator of several popular horror websites. Known for his deep passion for the macabre, Keith has enthralled audiences with his chilling tales and insightful commentary on the horror genre.

Keith’s latest creation, a horror story anthology based on the Dark Zodiac, marks his debut into the world of horror fiction. These twelve entities, originally conceived for his innovative HorrorScopes series, have been meticulously crafted to leave a lasting impression, ensuring their potential return in future sequels.

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