about our horrorscopes

Learn about our Horrorscopes and how they were created and how your dark zodiac sign evolved from a dark horoscope..

As believers in the power of the stars, we understand that astrology is not all rainbows and unicorns. Behind the glittering facade lies a sinister underbelly, where secrets and ominous omens await those who are brave enough to delve deeper.

About our horrorscopes

These Horrorscopes are researched not by an astrologer, but by a series of the latest Artificial Intelligence models that are pre-programmed to be absolute expert in both astrology and the dark side of the zodiac.

They gave us insights into the dark realms and then went on and researched the Dark Zodiac characters and created their illustrations. All of them are based on the traits of the original astrological zodiac without using any personal information. Then as an astrologer, it researched descriptions and the backstories for each of them.

Then it gave us the first set of dark astrological predictions for our Horrorscope readings and promised to bring out the even darker side for the future as its own learning progresses.

It won’t be a daily horoscope or even a weekly horoscope but it will be a monthly horoscope. At a later date we will add in the latest articles on star sign, Sun Sign, Moon Sign, air sign, New Age, Birth Chart, astrologer, personality traits and astrological compatibility, astronomy and related topics.

Will you dare to venture into the depths of dark astrology and uncover the darkness within your zodiac sign? The choice is yours.

Whether you embrace the chilling revelations of our Horrorscopes for your dark zodiac sign or prefer to stick to the more light-hearted side of astrology, one thing is for certain—the stars hold a myriad of secrets, waiting to be discovered. You can learn more on our blog: The Dark Side What will your rising sign be?

Once again, please note that this website and its contents are for entertainment purposes only and are not a guide to the universe. Astrology and Horrorscopes are not meant to define us entirely. They merely serve as a reminder of the complexity and multifaceted nature of human behaviour.

Feel free to leave comments and suggestions, but please do not post spammy links as they will be deleted.

Thank you for reading about our Horrorscopes – Now go and see what your Dark Zodiac character is. Tell us if you think the AI got it right for you.

We also have a guide to the Zodiac Elements and a Guide to Animal Spirit Guides feel free to browse these and draw your own conclusions.


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