Scorpio - Secrets Revealed Under a Blood Moon". The scene captures the mystical and eerie atmosphere, featuring a large, ethereal scorpion emerging from dark waters under a blood moon.

Secrets Revealed Under a Blood Moon (Scorpio)

Greetings, enigmatic Scorpios! I, your astrological guide through the shadows, peer into the inky depths of your celestial waters this June and find a crimson tide rising. For you, children of the Underworld, the coming weeks are bathed in the ominous glow of a blood moon, a celestial event that threatens to bring hidden truths bubbling to the surface.

12 curses of the Dark Zodiac cover pic

12 Curses of the Dark Zodiac (New Book)

A Horror Story Anthology by Keith G Sorrell.
“Do your dreams feel heavier lately?
The figures lurking at their edges… are they merely shadows, or is the veil growing thin? Nyx Umbra, the Voidwalker, knows the answer, and it’s a horror more profound than any waking fear.” Read on… if you dare

Leapyear Horrorscopes 2024

LeapYear HorrorScopes

Prepare yourself for a rollercoaster ride of emotions, challenges, and transformations in our LeapYear Horrorscopes as the stars align to reveal the darker side of the zodiac.

Halloween Horrorscopes


On Halloween night, Gemini straddles life and death in spectral existence. Darkness beckons, and the battle against impending darkness rages on. In the eerie dance between realms, haunting awaits those who dare to explore the mysteries of Halloween, beckoning him to the abyss. Can you resist its ominous call. Will you crest fear’s waves, or be swept away. Make the brave choice,

Horrorscopes vs horoscopes

HorrorScopes vs Horoscopes

Astrology has been a guiding light for humanity, offering insights into our personalities, relationships, and futures through the twelve signs of the Zodiac. But what if this celestial map had a darker counterpart? Enter the world of HorrorScopes